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Previous Members of WINGS Steering Group

Frida Rosengren (PhD Student, Biodiversity, Science Faculty)

Linnéa Taylor (Associate Researcher, Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty)

Angela Caballero-Alfonso (Researcher, Quaternary Sciences, Science Faculty)

Heather Reader (Postdoc, Aquatic Ecology, Science Faculty)

Rosa Aragão Börner (PhD student, Biotechnology, LTH)

Maren Wellenreuther (Researcher, Evolutionary Ecology, Science Faculty)

Christina Isaxon (PhD student, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, LTH)

Gaëlle Offranc Piret (Postdoc, Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty)

Marina Castro Zalis (PhD student, Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty)

Sara Ståhl (Postdoc, Immunotechnology, LTH)

Jenny Nauclér (PhD student, Combustion Physics, LTH)

Anna Nordén (PhD student, Evolutionary Ecology, Science Faculty)

Lisa Nicholas (Postdoc, Molecular Metabolism, Medical Faculty)

Yan Borné (Researcher, Cardio-vascular Epidemiology, Medical Faculty)

Olesia Snezhkova (PhD student, Synchotron Radiation Research, LTH)

Patricia Veiga Crespo (Researcher, Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty)

Paul Caplat (Researcher, Science Faculty)

Moah Christensen (PhD student, Combustion Physics, LTH)

Belinda Lyddby (PhD, Biomedical Engineering, LTH)

Yujing Li (Researcher, Building Materials, LTH)

Raquel Vaquer-Sunyer (Researcher, Quaternary Sciences, Science Faculty)

Anne Birgitte Nielsen (Researcher, Quaternary Sciences, Science Faculty) 

Ulrikke Voss ( Researcher, Neuro Gastroenterology, Medical Faculty)

Noémie Braekeveldt (PhD student, Translational cancer research, Medical Faculty)

Emelie Karnevi  (Researcher, Oncology and Pathology, Medical Faculty)

Zandra Körner (PhD Student, Medical Faculty)
Cristina Chaminade (Professor, CIRCLE)

mona.radwan [at]>">Mona Radwan (Postdoc, Institution of Psychology)

Yana Borissenko  (PhD student, CIRCLE)

Lina Ahlin   (Phd student, Circle)

Marina Castro Zalis (PhD student, Medical Faculty)

Patricia Veiga Crespo  (PhD student, Mediacl Faculty)

WINGS (Women IN Great Sciences)
Science Faculty, Medical Faculty & LTH, Lund University

wings [at]