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WINGS conference 2013

Research Management and Leadership
WINGS 6th annual conference was held May 9th at Hornbergssalen, Kulturen, Lund.


Theme: Research management and leadership. Women scientists at the Faculty of Science have been and still are underrepresented (Figure 1). Creating a strong scientific network helps to make female academics more visible, creates positive role-models and showcases their competence. For that reason the network WINGS arranged – for the sixth time - an annual network meeting for women scientists. Invited key speakers were Dr Cecilia Agrell (Lund University) and Dr Roosa Leimu Brown (University of Oxford). Dr Kerstin Fritsches (from was invited to lead two workshops on leadership. We gathered around 50 participants that mostly originated from the Faculty of Sciences, the Medial faculty and the engineering faculty. We also celebrated WINGS 10th anniversary.

Women in Science Faculty

Figure 1: Percentage of females in different positions within the Faculty of Science at Lund University. 


The meeting was organized by: Miriam Liedvogel, Heather Reader and Angela Caballero-Alfonso.

Meeting overview

For the meeting, we gathered around 50 participants that mostly originated from the Faculty of Sciences, the Medial faculty and the engineering faculty. Invited keynote speakers were Dr Cecilia Agrell (Lund University) and Dr Roosa Leimu Brown (University of Oxford). Dr Kerstin Fritsches (from was invited to lead two workshops on leadership. 

9:00 The meeting was opened by Dr. Karin Frydenlund (the international affairs officer at the Medical Faculty), Prof Olov Sterner (Dean of the Science Faculty) and Prof. Anders Axelsson (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, LTH). Each of them expressed their support for the WINGS network while also giving a brief introduction how they are working with equality in their own faculty.

9:20 Pia Söderlund (one of the founders of WINGS), Maren Wellenreuther (Wings coordinator) and Linnéa Taylor (one of the founders of Step Up) informed about the background, present and future of WINGS (and Step Up). Wings had now existed for ten years!

9:30 Heather Reader introduced an icebreaker group activity involving puzzles (and some running around).

10:30 Keynote speaker – Dr Cecilia Agrell (Talent management, Lund University), talked about “Experiences from running leadership programs - What academics want to learn”.

Cecilia's talk was about what leadership issues researchers often want to talk about such as “The challenge in establishing authority as leader”, “Make difficult decisions while maintaining relationships”, “How to let in, and keep, new colleagues in a well-functioning group?”. She also described a method in how to work with  these issues called “backstage” used at LU.

11:00 Keynote speaker – Dr Rosa Leimu Brown (Dept of Plant Sciences, Oxford University, UK) talked about Publication biases.

Although the scientific method itself is unbiased, the research process is biased by our subjective choices and decisions, unconscious or conscious. These biases can be amplified by the social context in which research takes place and can have a profound effect on the academic community: Who gets the grant? Who is promoted? Who gets the job? and so on. In this talk, Rosa focussed on gender bias and publication bias and discussed their implications.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 After lunch, Dr Kerstin Fritsches (PostdocTraining) gave a workshop on leadership training.

What is leadership? What are the skills and characteristics that make a great leader - and how do you overcome leadership challenges? This interactive workshop explored how to develop a leader’s mindset and improve your leadership skills. From getting to know your own strengths and weaknesses to learning how to lead others effectively.

16:30 Wings annual meeting

The WINGS Working Group (WG) 2012/2013 presented themselves: Maren Wellenreuther (coordinator), Johanna Stadmark (treasurer), Pia Romare (communicator), Frida Rosengren (webmaster), Yujing Li (lunch seminar responsible), Heather Reader (lunch seminar responsible), Raquel Vaquer-Sunyer (lunch seminar responsible), Rosa Aragão (lunch seminar responsible), Emelie Karnevi (Step Up) and Anne Birgitte Nielsen. Also attending was Anna Broström, Moah Christensen, Stina Jonasson, Ulrikke Voss, Belinda Adler and Ashley Head. Members of the working group not present: Miriam Liedvogel, Angela Caballero-Alfonso, Gaëlle Offranc Piret and Linnéa Taylor.

Following members have decided to step down: Pia Romare (from working group), Maren Wellenreuther (from coordinator, stay in working group), Rosa Aragão (from lunch seminars, stay in working group) and Yujing Li (from lunch seminars, stay in working group). Thank you for all your work and inspiration!

Following participants showed an interest to join the working group or help out in any other way: Moah Christensen, Stina Jonasson, Belinda Adler and Ashley Head. Also Maria Mondejar, Sinar Mohammed, Helena Christianson, Ulrica Englund Johansson and Sara Ståhl (not present). Welcome to the WINGS Working Group!

None from the working group could take on the role as coordinator at the moment since many are waiting to hear from funding bodies. However, both Yujing Li and Heather Reader expressed and interest to take on this role. Maren Wellenreuther will act as a coordinator until a person has been found to fill the position.

17:30 After the meeting there was a tour around Kulturen.

18:30 The evening ended with dinner.

Please join us next year!

WINGS working group


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