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Finish on Time

November 23 2012, The More Hotel Lund

Workshop: A toolbox for academic productivity and stress management

Organized by WINGS and Finish on Time.

The background is that in academia we focus on what/the content of our work, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our own workprocess, or how we work, think, and act. However, the process is important for finishing research projects and managing stress levels. Furthermore, as individuals, we often have one main strategy, or a certain way of thinking and acting, to deal with a variety of situations. Often, our main strategy works fine, but when we encounter new situations, we might need a greater variety of strategies. This workshop is designed to provide you with new strategies applicable to academic work.

More specifically, you will learn three productivity tools - focusing on the endproduct, the 80/20 principle, and working in units - and apply them to your own work situation. These three productivity tools are closely connected to the field of stress management. Here, we will discuss a model ”demand - control - support” to explain causes of stress in the academic environment, and how you can use it in managing your stress level. You will also learn and try new tools for thinking and acting differently. For instance, recognizing your ”automatic thoughts” and how they affect your behavior, as well as tools for handling common thoughts in a performance culture, e.g. high demands on achievement.

09.15-12.00  Academic productivity: From efficiency to effectiveness
12.00-13.15  Lunch at The More Hotel
13.15-15.00  Stress management for academics: From negative stress to positive stress
15.00-16.00  After work with a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage at The More Hotel

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