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Teaching Portfolio

January 30 2013, Kårhuset LTH
Excellence in teaching has become a stock phrase in most faculty job descriptions; yet how does one demonstrate this to current colleagues or future employers? One answer is a Teaching Portfolio, which is a compilation of subjective (personal, reflective) assessments as well as objective (quantitative, independent) assessment of one’s teaching.

There are two primary uses for a Teaching Portfolio. It can be used as a formative tool to reflect on your teaching and examine the development of your teaching over time. It can also be used as a summative tool for use by supervisors, departments, and educational institutions to evaluate the success of you as a teacher for jobs, grants, awards, or promotion and tenure.

This short seminar will cover how to write a good teaching portfolio and is open to all people interested. Please note though, that the seminar is restricted to 35 people and that registration will close once this number is reached.

TEACHERS: Anders Ahlberg and Maria Larsson

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