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Are you interested in being a member of WINGS Steering Committee?


In this form ( you can sign up if you want to become a member of WINGS' steering group 2018-2019. All employed at the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Science are welcome to join. In the steering group all faculties should be represented as equally as possible. If there are more than 15 persons that want to become members of the steering group an election will be arranged, with all candidates presented, in the beginning of 2018. NOTE: Three spots per faculty are in the case of an election reserved and the rest of the spots will be filled up according to the election result.


You are of course also welcome to join WINGS’ activities as a member and there tell us what direction you want WINGS to take, but if you are interested in creating the future of WINGS’ then the best place to be is in the steering group!


Steering group tasks:


All members of the steering group are contributing to the strategic discussions on WINGS’ future aims and activities. Steering group members take turns on things like writing notes and in representing WINGS at different seminars or conferences arranged by others than WINGS. An active participation in the steering group is therefore needed. All members in the steering group take on one or two of the specific roles/tasks listed below to insure a broad participation and a reasonable workload for all. There is no possibility for financial reimbursement for the actual time you devote to the steering group. A symbolic amount has been awarded to the ones handling time consuming tasks. If you are interested in joining the steering group please sign up below and describe what you are willing to contribute with.




The coordinator invites the steering group to meetings. Answers general requests from members and other interested parties (e.g. the equality boards). Responsible for the reporting (written and oral) to the faculties and the requests for funding.




Keeps track of the budget and report to the steering committee. Attest all invoices in Proceedo and make sure the correct information is attached. Contact person to the administrative staff at the Faculty of Science that is handling the account. Responsible for questions related to reimbursement etc.




The webmaster is responsible for maintaining WINGS’ website, that is ensuring that the web page is operating correctly, designing the web page, generating, revising and updating the content of the web page. This task also includes handling the WINGS mailing/distribution list and the WINGS instagram account.


Seminar coordinator


Insure that we deliver 3-4 seminars per semester. Coordinates the themes to make sure we cover different faculties and aspects. Puts together a seminar calendar. Gives information to the seminar organizers on the tasks involved in arranging a seminar (e.g. order fika, create registration form, spread info on send lists and in newsletters).


Workshop organizers (could be more than one)


The workshops organizers organize or initiate (or facilitate the organization) a minimum of 3 workshops throughout the calendar year. This could include co-organizing workshops with other Groups (e.g. Future Faculty, Career Services). Assist, if applicable, the organizer of a workshop. This primarily involves practical matters (registration, travel, reimbursement/payment).


Organizer of StepUp/Annual meeting


One person is responsible for drafting the program of an annual Step Up/Annual meeting, making reservations of venue and board, create a registration form, and inform invited speakers on reimbursement etc. This person is also in charge of creating a group that help out with all arrangements.


Representatives in the Equality boards at the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Engineering (one in each board).


Other important future tasks e.g.


Social media responsible updating and sharing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… Keeping the WINGS pages/groups/accounts updated so members receive tips from WINGS more often than today.


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