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About us

WINGS is a broad network aimed at women at the Science faculty, Medical faculty, LTH, USV and related industries. We focus on research, career and networking.

WINGS aim to:

  • Be a network for science, making it easier for researchers to meet, cooperate and initiate new projects.
  • Make researchers and their competence visible.
  • Support young female scientists in their careers.
  • Make the situation for female researchers visible
  • Work towards equal opportunity, responsibility and representation of women at all university levels.

Members and Organisation

WINGS is and open and inclusive network for all interested in equality at Lund University. The members of the network are scientists at all levels working in- or outside the university, including PhD students and postdocs, and other other staff at Lund University. The steering group consists 7-15 members from the faculties from which WINGS receives funding. The steering group is elected for two years at a time. The WINGS steering group is responsible for organizing activities, such as lunch meetings, workshops and conferences, and distributing information to the members of the network (through this webpage, our emailing list and social media). If you are interested in joining WINGS don't hesitate to contact us! We definitely have a place for you.

To become a member of the WINGS network, you can send us an email and don’t forget to join our facebook group , follow our instagram account or attend any of our events.



A yearly funding  from the Faculty of Science at Lund University has been received since 2007. In addition, since 2015, WINGS has received an additional funding from LTH and the Medical faculty. For 2016, WINGS has applied for a funding from the Medical faculty, Science faculty, LTH and USV.