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Petition - Support WINGS!

Lack of funding from LTH and Medical Faculty - WINGS in danger of shrinking to include Science faculty only

Please help us spread this petition! Currently, WINGS runs on annual funding from the Faculty of Science. If the Medical Faculty and LTH don’t help pull their weight to fund our organization, we will have to shut WINGS to members from those faculties. We have given them ample opportunity over several years - submitting reports and applications, having meetings and writing letters (the last of which have gone unanswered) - and this is our final attempt at dialogue. Please sign the petition and circulate widely!

WINGS is a broad network aimed at women at the Science faculty, Medical faculty, Engineering faculty at Lund University and related industries. We focus on research, career and networking. The members of the network are female scientists that are employed as researchers working in or outside the university. Also, beyond support to the members, WINGS reaches widely across faculties to support career development and develop mentoring programs.

Currently, 60% of our members are from the Medical Faculty and LTH. However, to date we are only funded by the Faculty of Science. Despite several applications and reports sent to the Medical Faculty and LTH, they haven't been willing to support us financially. If we do not receive funding from these faculties soon, we are faced with the unfortunate decision to have to close WINGS to members outside the Science Faculty.

Do you feel it is important to support female researchers in their careers, advocate and promote gender equality? We will hand in this petition as a last-ditch attempt to implore the Medical Faculty and LTH to listen to their own employees.

Sign for WINGS!:

Thank you!

//WINGS working group


UPDATE: The medical faculty and LTH has now decided to support us with 75 000 kr each for 2015!


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